25PP App for your iPhone & iPad Without Jailbreak

iPhone users and even non-users are aware that the App Store is the exclusive go-to for iPhones, iPads, and other gadgets under Apple. But when you own an iPhone, you experience the unfortunate limitations when it comes to downloading apps and games that are not available in the App Store.

Apps and games need verification from Apple before users can download it. The obvious advantage is to protect your iPhone or iPad from malicious malware which causes damage to your gadget.

But you do not have to say goodbye to that app or game that you want. A Chinese app was developed to satisfy your app and gaming needs.

25PP App Store for your iPhone and iPad

The 25PP App Store is the alternative to vShare App. 25PP gives free apps that otherwise, needs payment in other app stores. You might be lucky.

You would think that 25PP requires you to jailbreak your iPhone’s iOS. But that is an old story. Today, you can use this app without having to jailbreak your iOS.

Considerations before Installing the 25PP App Store

You must take note, however, that there are no reliable jailbreaking methods for the latest versions of iOS at present time. So, unfortunately, not everyone can install the 25PP App in their iPhones and iPads.

But if you are one of the lucky few, read up and find out how to download the 25PP App without jailbreaking.

Downloading the 25PP App Store without using a PC

You can download and install this app with or without using a PC.

But we will tackle on the methods that you can do without having to use a computer. Just follow the steps counted below so that you can start installing the 25PP App.

  1. Get your iPhone or your iPad ready and open the browser. Go to the link: http://z.25pp.com/.
  2. This link opens to a page with Chinese characters but there is no need for worry as your concern would be to press the green button found below the page.
  3. This green button will download and install 25PP. Make sure to check your internet connection. The speed of the download depends on your connectivity, so it might take a while if your connection is not as fast.
  4. After the wait, iOS will let you know about the installation of the app. Tap “Install” and this will begin the installation of the 25PP app.
  5. When you see the app on your springboard, this means that the installation is complete. But this does not mean that you can already open the app because iOS will not accept the app. Your iPhone or iPad will display an error message letting you know that the app developer is not trusted.
  6. Do not worry as this minor issue is fixable. All you need to do is the following:

– Go to your “Settings”.

– Select “General”.

– Select “Device Management”.

– Mark “Beijing Huifeng Xingye Technology Co. Ltd.” so that it will register as a trusted developer.

– Tap “Trust” when a message appears after marking the developer’s name.

  1. Go back to your springboard and open the 25PP app. A message in Mandarin will appear on the screen. Again, you only need to tap a certain button to get to the next step. Tap the Blue button.
  2. After tapping the blue button, the next step is the installation of the certificate. Tap “Install” and wait for your iOS to finish installing these certificates.
  3. As you go to your home screen, you will see two 25PP icons. Select the second 25PP icon to launch the app.
  4. You will notice a wide green button when you launch the 25PP app. Tap this button. This button will lead you to install another profile. Allow this installation by tapping “Install”.
  5. Follow the same step mentioned beforehand for a third profile. A third icon will appear, and you are good to go. Now, you can start using the app.

Downloading Apps and Games using the 25PP App Store

It is simple to install apps through the 25PP App Store.

All you need to do is search for the app or game you want in the 25PP App Store and tap the “Install” button for installation. The app or game will download and install thereafter.

Downloading the 25PP App Store on a Jailbroken iPhone or iPad

As previously mentioned, the 25PP App Store is easily downloadable even without jailbreak. But if you own an iPhone or an iPad that was already jailbroken, you can still download the 25pp App Store without so much hassle.

Just apply the following steps so that you can start using the app and have more freedom in getting the apps or games that you want:

  1. Open Cydia in your iPhone or iPad and do the following:

– Tap “Sources”

– Tap “Edit”

– Tap “Add” and add the source: http://apt.25pp.com

– Tap “Search”

– Enter 25PP.

  1. Install 25PP and restart your springboard.

  2. You can start using the 25PP App Store.

If you do not want to be bothered by the lengthy and slightly complicated procedure in installing the 25PP App Store, jailbreaking your device may make it easier and hassle-free.

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