Capture Screenshots in Windows with Apple Keyboard While Using Boot Camp

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to take a screenshot of what’s going on with your Mac while using Boot Camp, although with the Apple keyboard that is unique to their line of products, you may find this challenging. Read on to see how you can indeed utilize the Apple keyboard to take a screenshot while using Boot Camp.

What is Boot Camp for Mac?

You may already know what Boot Camp for Mac is, but for those who have stumbled upon this article, a quick moment to define the software assistant would be helpful.

When you think of Boot Camp, you may imagine a drill sergeant in a crisp uniform and a cowboy hat yelling at soldiers in training to clean the floor with a toothbrush, but when it comes to the Macintosh operating system (MacOS), Boot Camp actually refers to a particular software assistant for installing a Microsoft Windows operating system on Intel-based Macs.

Everyone Seems to be Asking This

If you were able to look into a crystal ball that showed you the breadth and scope of inquiries that internet users are making on Google Search, you might find the question of “how I take a screenshot on my Mac while using Boot Camp” right up there with existential inquiries like “what the meaning of life is” or more mundane concerns like “what’s the cheapest flight to the Bahamas.” Well, to be honest, it might not be that popular of a query, but it’s certainly something that people are asking.

The Print Screen Button…To Be or Not to Be (on the Keyboard)

The terminology used in Windows Land is usually “Print Screen,” a phrase that implies the ability of Windows users to capture the content that is currently displayed on their screen. On keyboards compatible with Windows systems, there is an actual button labeled Print Screen. On the Mac keyboards, however, this button is strangely missing.

However, utilizing a series of strokes on the old ivory (that’s a keyboard or piano for all the younger folk reading this) you can perform the same function that the Print Screen button offers on a PC.

How to Capture the Screen:

To capture…

the entire screen:

Function (fn) + Shift + F11.

the foremost window:

Option (alt) + Function (fn) + Shift + F11.

Follow Up Questions:

Where is the F11 Key located?

The F11 key is the third key from the top right corner, with a small icon that suggests “lowering the volume.”

Where Is the Destination of the Screen Capture?

Once you hear a click sound after capturing the screen, a copy of your image is available on your clipboard. Open a program like Paint or Word and choose the command to “paste.” The image will be pasted on the program, and you can then save it as a file with a particular name.

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