The Best iOS Emulators and Simulators For Windows 7/8/10 to Run iOS Apps

Since the day of the first generation of iPhones, the phone market has completely changed. There are many mobile device users who much prefer Android devices, but still want to be able to use the apps and features that are specific to iPhones and iDevices. Fortunately, there are programs called iOS Emulators. These iPhone or iPad emulators are an excellent way to be able to use your current Android device to use iOS apps easily and without the iPhone price tag. We have compiled a list of the best iOS emulators for your Windows 7 PC, 8 and 10 for you to download and use today.

What’s an iOS Emulator?


Let’s go over what’s iOS emulator, and how it can benefit you, before we dive into the list.


An iOS emulator is a way of setting up a “guest” and “host” relationship between one computer and a separate system. The host computer acts like the guest system, running the software, apps and features that are typically only on the guest system.


It’s a bit like running a window on a desktop connected to another network –  you open a window and are connected to an operating system that is different from the one that normally comes with your phone.


In layman’s terms, emulators essentially are programs that support a separate operating system’s functions and run them on a device remotely. In this way, you can basically run an iPhone system on an Android device. These emulators can run apps from a particular operating system (like iOS) and can work on multiple devices. These little-known programs are an amazing way to unlock the true potential of your technology.


Advantages of iOS Emulators


iOS Emulators are beneficial in many ways. They were originally designed for development teams to test apps and programs as an excellent research aide. These emulators are now gaining popularity with the general consumer market, and with this demand has come a large supply of emulators.


Emulators are an excellent new addition to the smartphone market, because they are an excellent way to test and analyze apps and features. They can be used on several devices – meaning you can test how a Mac operates from your PC, and also test how an iPhone might feel from your Windows phone. These emulators are a great way to test the features of the iOS platform before you invest, as iDevices are amazing devices but are often expensive. These iO Emulators are a great way to see if the iOS system works for you!


Simulators and Emulators and Operating Systems


In addition to the iOS Emulators we’ve compiled for you today, there are also iOS Simulators we have included that are on the market. iOS Emulators copy the hardware and software from the host gadget and mimics this information. The difference with iOS Simulators is that these only represent the software and not the hardware. iOS Simulators are more often used in analysis and studies, whereas iOS Emulators are perfect for utilizing the best features of iOS devices.


The Best Emulators for windows currently


Ripple – Best iOS Emulator for Your Mac and Windows PC


Ripple is an iOS Emulator often used for app testing and development and has long been favored by designers and app developers. However, Ripple has also seen a huge uptick in popularity amongst both PC and Mac users and can even be used with a Chromebook.


Ripple is simply a Google Chrome extension that allows you to use iOS apps right within the Chrome browser – adding Apple functionality to your Google experience. This is a great, commitment-free way to try the iOS interface without committing to the Apple product right away.


Xamarin Testflight

Apple Corporation is actually the owner of Xamarin Testflight, which means that this emulator naturally has many similarities to an actual iOS device. Just as we would expect from Apple, this easy-to-use interface has amazing advanced support.


Besides, the Xamarin Testflight is extremely easy to download and begin using. If you are looking to use an older version of iOS, however, this may not be the emulator for you. Xamarin Testflight only works with apps supported by iOS 8 and above. Given that this suits your needs, this is an amazing way to experiment with the iOS platform.


Air iPhone Emulator for Your Windows 7, 8 and 10


This iOS Emulator is an amazing alternate platform for Windows. This emulator is helpful in copying the graphical user interface. In order to run this program, you must have the Adobe Air framework. This will reconstruct the iPhones’ GUI on the Windows program, creating the iPhone experience.


However, Air Phone is not a completely functional app. When using this program, you will notice that there is a variation in the user experience between an original iOS device and running apps within the emulator. Some notable features from iOS are not present in this particular program and that includes the Safari Web Browser. Missing out on these features can be cumbersome, but if this is of little importance to your experience it can be an excellent option.


MobiOne Design Center Emulator for PC


This emulator gained popularity relatively quickly, as more than half a million designers have downloaded this program since its launch in 2009. MobiOne Design Center Emulator for PC is an accessible, versatile software that serves as an amazing iPhone simulator for Windows.


This emulator has several noteworthy features: status notification, web app links shared by email, app sharing on social media, configuration, automatic downloading for installation and even custom icon creation. This app offers a wide range of functionality and can be easily downloaded free of charge on your Windows PC.


NOTABLE: MobiOne’s iPhone emulator has been officially discontinued. However, if you are interested in their platform, you can install it on your Windows PC from third-party sites which offer the download in an .EXE file.


iPhone Simulator for PC


The iPhone Simulator for PC platform is one of the greatest iOS emulators available for download. This iPhone simulator permits its users to simply and quickly access iPhone games and apps from the Windows PC. This is an amazing way to be able to use all of the iPhone advantages without having to bear the financial burden of purchasing an iPhone itself. This Simulator is also used by many developers to trace the development of apps and fix bugs before release.


You are not able to use the Apple store and even a few of your own Windows apps and it’s the biggest disadvantage to this iPhone simulator. The interface and graphics of the simulator look like an exact duplicate of the iPhone, but the functionality does not compare in that sense. This can, however, be an excellent way to get a feel for how iPhones function and how to use the Apple software when preparing to transition between devices.


Smartface iOS Emulator for Windows 7, 8 & 10 PC


Smartface is an excellent iOS emulator as it is extremely easy to use. This iPhone app emulator allows you to test and build-up cross-platform native iOS applications for completely free.


All you have to do to begin using this iOS emulator is download and then install the application and connect your host gadget to your Windows system. Your Windows device must have iTunes installed. This emulator runs seamlessly across devices and works as an excellent way to develop and test apps.


One of the biggest advantages for developers with Smartface is that there is an excellent debugging feature available directly within the application. This can be utilized for real-time breakpoints and code changes. Also, Android users can use the Smartface application, which means that you can have the iPhone experience directly from your Android device.

IPADIAN – An iOS Emulator for Your PC


One of our favorite iPad emulators for Windows PC is the IPADIAN platform. This amazing iPad emulator offers its users the user-friendly accessibility of an iPad directly from their Windows and Android devices.


The IPADIAN app allows you to use many of Apple’s amazing features. Within IPADIAN you can use Siri, TVOS, iMessage, Safari and even more! The accessibility of this app is extremely user-friendly, making this a crowd favorite amongst the general public. This is a great app if you are specifically curious about the interface of an iPad. is one of the most developed of all of the iOS emulators. This program is the alternative to and lets users to build-up iOS and Android apps right onto their cloud storage. offers the initial 100 minutes of use for free, but then the cost goes up to $.05/minute. However, this is an excellent tool for developers that allows you to test and develop apps without weighing down the storage of your device, utilizing cloud storage to work on cross-platform apps.


Which One is Best?


Ultimately, the iOS emulator or simulator that you choose is up to what you need to use the program for. These programs are completely innovating the market in that it allows users to test an iOS before purchasing an expensive device, which is becoming more important as devices become more of an investment. These programs are also amazing in that they allow developers and designers to test apps before releasing them, allowing them to experience the user-interface firsthand.

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