Adding and Merging Calls During Conference Calls on Your iPhone

Using an iPhone could be quite amusing when you start out as you’d be confused a lot of times while looking for certain apps or other features that should be found on your phone. I bet you’re tired of having conversations with different people on the same issue due to the fact you have to get a message across to a lot of people? Well I was once at that bridge with my iPhone and I was able to cross it. Trust me it’s not rocket science, it is pretty simple. I will let you know how.

  • Putting Across A Conference Call Using Your iPhone

Making conference calls using an iPhone is an easy task to understand and so you will learn it fast. Having in mind that there are at least two ways to make a conference call on an iPhone would be a good starting point to knowing how to use the add and merge calls features.

In fact, just browsing through the instructions once will put you on the path to knowing how to use these two features without so much stress. You’d be surprised on how often you’ll tend to use them after going through the steps that would be made known to you in no time.

In order to put across a conference call, you have to initiate both calls by opening your dialer and calling both persons. Now how do you do that?

  • Initiating Both Calls

To initiate both calls, you have to open your dialer and dial the first person you have in mind. Let the person know that you are conferencing the call before you go ahead to initiate the other one as that process will put him or her on hold.

Now initiate the second call by clicking on the ‘Add call’ button and scrolling down your contact list that will pop up on the click, tap on it or you can go ahead and dial the number anew as your dialer can be accessed from the contact list that popped up.

  • Merge Both Calls

Now click on the ‘merge call’ button once the second party picks up his or her call. The above steps are to be repeated if you wish to add more people.

  • Conferencing Calls When They Are Initiated To You

Just like the above process, this is also not rocket science.

  • While still speaking with your first caller you will be alerted of an incoming call.
  • Click on the ‘hold and accept’ button or just ‘hold and answer’ to accept the second call.
  • Once both calls appear on the screen, click on merge calls icon on the down left corner of your phone. And there you have your conference call.

Remember, AT&T or T-Mobile GSM network allows up to five callers for a conference call but Verizon or Sprint which are CDMA networks allow up to two callers only.

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